Complications of Divorce

While a breakup in a relationship can be difficult, a divorce can feel downright impossible. If you're going through a divorce or feel a divorce is imminent and desire to prepare yourself for what's to come, knowing common divorce complications and what you can do to survive them can go a long way in helping to maintain your sanity and move forward in this new chapter in your life.

  • Start Making Decisions

    Divorcing your spouse means refocusing on what's truly important in your life. You'll want to go through not only your physical house, but your mental house as well and decide what items, ideas, and thoughts are worth keeping and which should be disposed of. In both houses, there are things that you've probably outgrown, might not be healthy to hold onto, or have been completely forgotten.

  • Stay Mentally Healthy

    While divorce attorneys can fight some of your battles and make the divorce process a bit easier, they can't do everything for you. Be sure to make yourself well aware of your mental health too, as it's likely to take a dip during such a stressful situation. Rather than wait for stress to enter in, take a proactive approach and engage in activities that make you happy like spending time with friends.

  • Reorganize Your Finances

    Depending on how you handled the finances during your marriage, you might have a particularly tough time untangling your accounts. Decide how you're going to handle savings, checking, and retirements accounts, and don't forget about any debts you and your ex-spouse share. Afterwards, set up new accounts and get a full picture of your new financial situation and how you'll continue to support yourself.

Take Things One Day at a Time

While the above tips are useful, none are so essential as remembering you have to take things one step at a time. No matter how eager you might be to finish the divorce process and start your new life, you should make sure you have the proper foundation in place. Be sure you don't skip important steps or attempt to fast track your recovery.